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Tbilisi: the warm capital of hospitable Georgia
It is almost impossible to visit Tbilisi and not to fall in love with it! This city has a rich soul, it covers a traveler from head to foot like a wave, lures with its ancient lanes and besots his or her head with young wine. Buy the largest storage memory card, forget about the word “diet” and be ready to walk a lot – Tbilisi is worth it! 20 July 2018   Read more
Ushguli: the highest mountain community in Europe
Ushguli is the “wild” Svaneti as it is. You can hardly find refined tourist routes here, but the medieval architecture is preserved. You will not be greeted with a sumptuous meal with shish kebabs, wine and fruits from Pirosmani’s paintings here – the harsh climate makes the Svan cuisine much more reserved. Many people just do not get here – Ushguli is too far from the “civilization”. But it was thanks to its isolation from the rest of Georgia that this small Svan community cherished the traditions and spirit of proud ancestors. 7 July 2018   Read more
Telavi: in the homeland of the legendary Georgian wine
A small and cozy town of Telavi is the capital of glorious Kakheti, the main winemaking region of Georgia. There were times when caravans going from the countries of the Middle East to Europe stopped in Telavi. In the 18th century Georgian kings moved their residence here, and in the 1970s the city even became a movie set for the cult film of George Danelia “Mimino”. What can surprise you in modern Telavi? We will find out now! 4 July 2018   Read more
Mountainous paradise on earth: Stepantsminda
Right at the foot of Kazbek mountain a small Stepantsminda settlement found its place. It is always crowded: mountaineers who plan to climb Kazbek as well as travelers who are heading for Tbilisi come here. At the same time this settlement has been used as a trailhead – all the exciting things are taken out of its borders. First things first, however! 1 July 2018   Read more
Signagi, the city of love: romance with a view of the Alazani Valley
There are places in Georgia, that are worth visiting together with your soulmate. One of such cities is the ancient Signagi. Here, on the top of the hill, you can find absolute tranquility: cobbled streets, red tiled roofs, quiet and slow paced life. And only after plunging into the history of Signagi, you can find out – passions run really high here! 27 June 2018   Read more
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Davit agmashenebeli Lane, 3300 Mtskheta, Georgia
V. Gorgasali Street 1, Stepantsminda , 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia
14 Merab Kostava Street, Vera, 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Tamar mepe 55, 4200 Sighnaghi, Georgia
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