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Would you like to meet a new country with lots of culture, a long history and lots of surprises, which perhaps would be a mixture of elements from already known countries from Europe and Asia, but still with own, local identity? Then we recommend visiting and discovering Georgia.

Welcome to Georgia, in an authentic, historical and spiritual land with ancient and great culture. The country of numerous sanctuaries, of the first Europeans, UNESCO World Heritage sites and the land of wine and golden fleece is open for its visitors.

Discover and travel to the footsteps of the first Europeans and the Silk Road in Georgia. Follow the legend of Argonauts to the Black Sea coast, where the bright and sunny city Batumi awaits you. Do not forget to see the most beautiful mountain of Georgia - Kazbegi and to make a breathtaking ride in the mountains of Caucasus. The ever-snow-capped mountains of the Great Caucasus stand like mighty guards for the land and witness to several centuries.

But also do not miss an opportunity to taste the popular and high-quality wines in the homeland of wine. Ancient Georgian Qvevri wine-making method is in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.
Knowledge and experience of Qvevri manufacture and wine-making are passed down by families, neighbors, friends and relatives, all of whom join in communal harvesting and wine-making activities. And every Georgian would be happy to share experience how they make their own wine at home.

“Gagimarjos” say Georgians to cheers and in such a way wish each other victory.

A Georgian "Supra" is a ceremony and trademark of hospitality. Try Khinkali, Khachapuri, several kinds of cheese and salads with walnuts, if you want to get to know Georgian cuisine.
Listen to the polyphonic folk songs (intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO) preserved for the future generation and feel the hot temper of Georgian dances to fully feel Georgian soul.
Try to pronounce Georgia in Georgian - საქართველო [sakartvelo] and be fascinated by the unique Georgian alphabet, which is one of the 14 writing systems in the world and intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, also an important sign for Georgians for their identity.
This is Georgia – Welcome in this country!

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Capital city


Georgian seaside resort


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Mountain paradise


City of Love


One of the oldest city in the world


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Mountain fairytale


UNESCO World Heritage List

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Quick facts about Georgia

Time, currency, and basics — see the local time and get an idea how much money you will need to spend on basics in Georgia

Local time
Saturday, 15:35
Georgian lari
Usually open from 9:00 to 19:00
Soft drink
0.5 liter 0.38 USD
Restaurant meal 5.75 USD
public transit
One-way ticket 0.19 USD

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